We listened to you! Simcoe Senior Services now has several specialty services that will assist in making your life easier and enhance your quality of life. Our Lawyer Link services is built with your unique challenges in mind. As we age, our legal needs change. Do you have a Last Will & Testament? Have you considered the need for a Power of Attorney for Property or Power of Attorney for Personal Care? We will link you with a lawyer to meet you at your home to collect information, provide you with advice, draft and sign the needed documents with you.

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Safety at home becomes a huge concern as we age. That's why we offer home safety inspections. Our inspections are designed to assess fall risks, fire hazards, and general household safety. Our inspectors will report on the status of smoke detectors, functioning of window and door locks, fall risks, safe food storage, and other important elements to ensure you remain safe in your own home.

Your home safety inspector will provide you with a detailed report with recommendations to improve safety and minimize risks of living alone in your home. Your specific medical or psychological conditions are considered when assessing your home for safety.

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Simcoe Senior Services can bring an animal companion straight to your door. Our seniors love when dogs, accompanied by their human, visit on a regular basis and form a bond and friendship that only an animal can offer.

Interaction with a friendly dog has both physical and psychological benefits. Dog companionship is suspected to lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, have a calming effect, reduce overall physical pain, and reduce the amount of medication needed for some people as a result of the relaxation response produced when petting the animal. Seniors become more communicative; they relate stories of their own pets to others and enjoy the increased socialization. Studies have also found that Certified Therapy Dogs can help patients with dementia and alzheimers.

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