Respite care can help you take a much deserved breakLoneliness and isolation are among the most difficult of problems for seniors who remain in their own home. With families members often living out of town, spouses passed on, and with limited access to friends a senior can often experience emotional difficulties due to isolation in their own home. Companionship care services can significantly enrich the lives of socially isolated seniors. We are able to develop an ‘enrichment activities plan’ that will enhance quality of life and bring joy and laughter to your loved one. Whether you are looking for companionship care services for errands and shopping, a driving companion for appointments, or a walking and special activities companion, the benefits of the social interaction and companionship care services will be immeasurable.

Simcoe Senior Services will provide a free assessment for your loved one. We then customize the companion care services plan with a proper combination of services. This ensures your loved one remains safe in their home, maintains independence, and experiences enrichment.

Companionship Care Services

Companionship care services include a wide assortment of activities including:

  • Overnight Care;
  • transportation to appointments;
  • shopping and errands;
  • walks and outings;
  • organization of your home, photo albums, correspondence;
  • email and technology assistance;
  • sorting and assisting with bills and mail;
  • meal planning and preparation (with you or for you);
  • medication reminders;
  • check-in visits;
  • travel or hobby companion;
  • respite care (hourly or coverage during vacations).

Simcoe Senior Services also offers animal companions including therapy dogs. Our seniors love when companion dogs, accompanied by their human, visit on a regular basis. They form a bond and friendship that only an animal can offer.

Interaction with a friendly pet is suspected to lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, have a calming effect, reduce overall physical pain, and reduce the amount of medication needed for some people as a result of the relaxation response produced when petting the animal.

Certified therapy dogs can also help with mental health. Seniors tend to become more communicative; they relate stories of their own pets to others and enjoy the increased socialization. In fact, new research conducted in Germany suggests that a structured animal-assisted intervention program can improve social behaviors in elderly patients with dementia.

If your loved one has been a dog lover throughout life and can no longer care for a pet, consider requesting certified therapy dog visits to enrich their life.

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