Overnight Care for SeniorsDoes your age or medical condition leave you worried about staying alone at night? Do you have a loved one that may not be safe alone at night? If so, our personal support workers can provide you much needed overnight care for you or your loved one.

Our personal support workers (PSWs) are experienced at providing overnight care to individuals who may be unsafe on their own or fearful of being alone. Simcoe Senior Services will assess your overnight needs to ensure you receive customized care that is ideal for you. No matter what your overnight care needs may be, our PSW's remain awake overnight to ensure that they are immediately available when required.

What does overnight care include?

Depending on your needs, overnight assistance may include:

  • Preparation of evening snacks
  • Medication monitoring
  • Bed sitting at long term care facilities or in your home to ensure a safe and restful sleep
  • Commode assistance throughout the night
  • Transfer assistance throughout the night
  • Assistance with evening preparations for bed including grooming, undressing, dentures, and hygiene.

Individuals who are returning from surgery may also require overnight assistance. Simcoe Senior Services is also able to provide overnight care to assist with your needs following surgery.

We are able to provide overnight assistance for individuals suffering from a wide range of age-related challenges including:

  • Dementia and memory issues
  • Sundowning
  • Incontinence
  • Mobility issues
  • Disorientation at night.

Our PSWs are also able to provide family members with the comfort of knowing that their parent or family member will be well cared for overnight. Family members (who are often caregivers) can rest easy at night with the knowledge that their loved-one is receiving safe, customized overnight care.

Let us find a Personal Support Worker in your area

Should you need overnight care (or 24-hour care) for a compromised parent or family member while on vacation, Simcoe Senior Services has a team of PSWs that assures
your loved one is in good hands.

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