Respite care can help you take a much deserved breakWhy respite care? Your Mom reached the age where you had to move her into your home to take care of her. At first, it was just the little things she needed help with. But as time goes on, your Mom needs more and more care. Some days you wonder how you will handle caring for her, working, and your family obligations. And a vacation…well, that just isn’t likely. Getting her in and out of the bathtub every day has become routine. Or worse, she is a senior who won't bathe. Making all the meals for her has become the norm. Watching her non-stop to ensure she doesn’t fall has become a habit. Managing her medications, transporting her to appointments, dressing her – she couldn’t do it without you. You love your Mom but providing her with daily care is wearing on you. And it’s possibly wearing on your spouse as well.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Being a caregiver for an elderly parent is difficult and often thankless work. But you wonder…if not you, who will do it? Respite care can ease these worries.

What is Respite Care?

Respite care means you get a break from caregiving. Caregiver burnout is common, especially when caring for a family member. Whether you need a break for a few hours, days, or weeks, a good home care provider can help. Respite care assists seniors with all aspects of personal care, companionship, feeding, transfers, or any other tasks. Respite care gives the family caregiver a much-needed break from their everyday caregiving duties.

Respite care can take place in the home of the senior. Your loved one won’t need to travel to a facility, which alleviates the stress of being in a new environment. Also, you can show the temporary caregiver the routine for caregiving. This includes how you administer medications, mealtime preferences, and safety concerns.

In-home respite care is an excellent option for someone who must work, run errands, or simply needs time off. Temporary caregivers from Simcoe Senior Services are also available for longer terms and overnight care. Are you going on a vacation or leaving the house for a few days or weeks? Temporary in-home caregivers are available. Do you need an overnight caregiver so that you can sleep peacefully? Temporary in-home caregivers are available for this situation as well.

Ready to find out more?

If you are considering respite care, feel free to call Simcoe Senior Services for more information. Whether you need help for an hour or weeks, we can provide quality in-home care for your loved one. Call 705-719-9000 for more information.