Certified Therapy Dog BamBam

BamBam is a two-year-old Thai Ridgeback mix that was adopted into Canada. BamBam had a rough start to life living on the streets in Thailand. She was hit by a car and left for several months. Eventually tourists found her and took her to the local animal shelter on Ko Lanta Island. Once she was admitted it was discovered that she was permanently paralyzed and suffered from a severed spinal cord. Her human, Kate, connected with her when on a tour of the shelter in Thailand. BamBam has a soft, angelic demeanour and zest for life despite her circumstances. BamBam is relatable and can connect deeply with people in a way that other forms of therapy cannot. She is a hero to everyone who meets her and is a remarkable companion therapy dog to seniors.


We are sad to report the death of BamBam. She passed away peacefully after a brief illness. She brought joy and happiness to everyone who met her. The sunshine that was BamBam will be greatly missed. Our condolences to Kate who rescued, loved, and worked with BamBam and gave her a great life despite her disability. Enjoy running free over the Rainbow Bridge, BamBam.